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Richard Sun

Associate Engineer

Richard’s PHD in Mechatronics included the development of a chewing robot to quantify and predict the chewing process of foods. This led toa product design role after graduating before making the move intobuilding management services.

Prior to joining Pacific Commissioning, Richard spent 12 years in building automation and control systems, applying his expertise to various areas such as commercial buildings, datacentres, hospitals, laboratories, schools and universities, working as a controls subcontractoron building projects.

Richard’s strong technical understanding, coupled with his approachable and friendly approach allows him to interface easily with other trades and understand their needs.

Previous collaboration with the Pacific team meant Richard was familiar with the projects and scope, so when approached, it was aneasy decision to join the company. Richard welcomes the opportunity to further develop and grow his skillset and career, with the opportunity to work with industry stalwarts, as well as inspire and mentor graduates.


Recent Projects

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