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Hornby Pool


Building Services Co-ordinator

PCC's Role

Powell Fenwick

Design Team


Naylor Love

A much-desired community facility, the brand-new Hornby Centre is designed to provide a range of aquatic services. 

Playing a key role in bringing together modern community and creative facilities in the city, the centre promotes physical activity, learning and a social hub, demonstrating the importance of multi-use community facilities that encourage greater social ties and interaction. 

Pacific Commissioning has played a key role in working with Christchurch City Council, sub-contractors and design engineers, ensuring that plans are checked and reviewed, through to Quality Assurance at the end of the build. 

The chance to play a role in Christchurch’s rebuild gives the team working on this project immense pride, providing a legacy for the city, as well as facilities that the team and their families can also enjoy.

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