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Managing the commissioning process is vital in ensuring that a building functions as intended from day one. This ensures that the operational costs and subcontractor call backs are kept to a minimum.

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We received our first appointment as Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) in 2008 on New Zealand’s first Green Building Council (NZGBC) Green Star, 5-Star rated office building, the Deloitte Centre – 80 Queen Street.


By 2024 we have completed over 100 Green Star projects as part of the MAN-4 Independent Commissioning Agent credit requirement. NZGBC requires that the Independent Commissioning Agent be appointed early on in the design phase, where the input from the specialist commissioning agent can have the most  impact.


The Independent Commissioning Agent then continues working through the construction and commissioning phases, and often through the 12-month post occupancy-tuning phase, where the MAN-3 building tuning credit is being pursued. As the MAN-4 ICA our main goal is to act as an objective advocate to the building owner.

We advise the project team on all commissioning related matters, as well as providing the following services in accordance with CIBSE Commissioning Code M:

  • Reviewing the basis of the design and the design intent, while confirming that the systems have adequate provisions to be fully commissioned and maintained.

  • Providing commissioning advice to the project team. This process begins before the release of tender documentation, right through construction and completion of the project. We continue to interact with the team throughout all stages of construction. 

  • Developing and directing the commissioning process, including the air distribution systems, boilers automatic controls, lighting, refrigeration systems and water distribution systems. This also includes the creation of a Commissioning Plan for the works, which has valuable input from the contractor and services subcontractors.

  • Setting target requirements in the contract documents, which ensures implementation of selected commissioning measures.

  • Co-ordinating with the building owner, design team and contractor throughout the entire commissioning, testing and adjustment process.

  • Observing, reviewing and approving results of all testing undertaken by the contractor. This can include verifying the correct operation of all systems under automatic control, such as environmental services, fire and security services, hydraulic services, electrical services and lifts.

  • Monitoring and verifying the commissioning of all systems.

  • Preparing the final Commissioning Report which includes recommendations to the building owner on the performance of the commissioned building system.

In addition to our Green Star work, we have also been appointed as commissioning managers on many large non-Green Star projects. Although these projects do not include a formal ESD rating, the client still appreciates the occupant comfort and efficiency benefits of a well commissioned building. So, while these projects do not require the same prescriptive level of reporting as Green Star projects, the same commissioning management principals apply.

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