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We all have a responsibility to minimise our environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable planet and environmental sustainability is at the core of what we do at Pacific Commissioning. The New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) states that “New Zealand’s built environment is responsible for 20 percent of the country’s carbon footprint,” so it’s important that buildings are well designed and well commissioned.


At Pacific we are in the unique position to make a tangible impact on reducing the carbon footprint through providing our ICA services on Green Star NZ projects, which require buildings to be properly commissioned and tuned to meet strict energy performance and occupant comfort requirements. Since our first GSNZ ICA engagement on the 5 Green Star 80 Queen Street Project in 2008 we have either completed or are currently working on over 100 GSNZ projects.


We are also actively involved in post-occupancy building fine tuning, which allows building systems operation to be fully aligned with actual building usage which can minimise energy consumption.

wind farm and solor panels
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A core value is Our People. This encompasses both those that work in our teams and those that we do business with.  We strive to create a working environment in which all individuals are able to reach their full potential within the company and we encourage every employee to bring their own unique set of experiences, learnings and beliefs to the team.


We are committed to celebrating and encouraging diversity as an organisation, across ethnicities, gender, language, age, sexual orientation, religion, social background, experience and education. We foster diversity within our recruitment and employ the best person to do the best job, recognising that diversity of people helps us to understand the different perspectives in our industry.


We actively support the wider community in sustainable endeavours by providing used computer equipment to local low decile schools as well as providing food parcels each Christmas. Each year we help five community based charities, which our people nominate and select.

To give back to the industry  our intern training scheme continually brings in and trains up younger talent, allowing us to play an important role in developing tomorrow’s building services and commissioning engineers and we encourage our team to be active member industry organisations.

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