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Kingsley Tam

PCC Team

Hellmann Precinct C


Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA)

PCC's Role

Thurston, ECS, Protech

Design Team



Located on Landing Drive in the airport industrial precinct, Hellmann Precinct C is constructed as a logistics centre. The development is made up of five areas: 

• Warehouse Unit A 

• Warehouse Unit B 

• Administration Block 

• Secure vehicle movement area 

• Public landscaping 

Warehouse Unit A covers approximately 10,000m 2. It provides secure, weathertight storage for materials in transit and is to include a purpose built lithium battery storage area. 

Warehouse Unit B covers approximately 6,000m2. It provides secure, weathertight storage for materials in transit. 

Each warehouse has a small prefabricated office to provide logistic staff support. The administration area covers approximately 400m2 . It is single storey and comprise of open plan office space, meeting spaces, changing rooms and lunchroom.

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