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Stefen Setiawan

PCC Team

Hilton Foods


Building Services Co-ordinator

PCC's Role

Watson Young, Aecom, Shelmerdines, Protech, BRW and Iseco

Design Team


RDT Pacific

Hilton Foods meat processing facility is the first and largest of its kind in New Zealand. The building has a ground floor, first floor and mezzanine level, of which are partitioned into various temperature-controlled areas, ranging from a small freezer at -25oC, to the production area at 7oC to the storage are at 1oC. There are other areas held at approximately 18oC. 

The office area is approximately 1,500m2. The meat production plant is consist of several equipment and robotic system that form the automated processing line. There is also heat recovery process with refrigeration system byproduct to heat up the water for building's hot water usage which make the building more energy efficient. 

A landmark facility for Countdown supermarkets, this brand new meat processing plant is the first in the country of its size and automation. A complex project from start to finish, this heavily services orientated facility has incredibly strict refrigeration and ventilation requirements.


The daily sterile wash and dry cycle plays a key role in the operation of the plant, and it follows sustainable principles due to its innovative recycling of heat, which is dissipated into the hot water system to power the hot water.

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