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Kingsley Tam

PCC Team

LOGOS Building 4


Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA)

PCC's Role

Thurston, ECS, HSCNZ, Protech

Design Team



Located at 149 Wiri Station Road, Auckland, the Warehouse is constructed for high racked storage. The development is one building, which consists of the following: 

• 2x Warehouses 

• 2x Yards 

• 2x Canopies 

• 2x Two storey offices 

• 2x 25,000L water tanks (1 per building) 

• Sprinkler Pump Room 

• Courtyard for Office 1


Warehouse 1 covers 5,600m 2 with the office levels covering 500m 2 (250m 2 per level) and a 40m 2 courtyard for staff. 

Warehouse 2 covers 5,600m 2 with the office covering 400m 2 (200m 2 and 200m2 per level). The office and warehouse has 85 car parking spaces for staff and visitors. 3 of the car parking spaces accommodate accessible users. 12x bike racks is provided for employees too.

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