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Kingsley Tam

PCC Team

Martin Brower


Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA)

PCC's Role

Thurston, ECS, HSCNZ, Protech

Design Team



Located at 15 Puaki Drive, Wiri, Auckland, the Warehouse is constructed for storage of frozen/chilled and dry goods. The development shall be one building, which consists of the following: 

• Warehouse 

• Battery charging area 

• 2 x Covered (Canopy) loading and unloading area 

• Two storey office area 

• Plantroom 

• Pump room 

The warehouse covers 9,174 m2, which consist of a temperature controlled space of 5,201 m2, a dry store of 3,815 m2 and a recycle dock room of 158 m2. The battery charge space to be provided shall encompass 315 m2. The plantroom covers 172 m2 and the pump room, 55 m2. A canopy is provided above the loading and unloading area of the trucks, which covers an area of 1,120 m2. The warehouse complex is developed with a two-storey support office with an area of 611 m2. An outdoor courtyard areais also provided for staff use. 

The office and warehouse shall have 81 car parking spaces for staff and visitors. 3 of the car parking spaces shall accommodate accessible users, 15 is dedicated to fuel efficient cars and 4 are specifically for EV users. 16 truck parking spaces are provided for truck drivers. Battery charging stations for 23 forklifts are provided. A bike rack is also provided for employees too.

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