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Conor Doran

Associate Engineer

Pacific Commissioning worked with Conor while he was on the other side of the build process as a site foreman and project manager.

Now a member of Pacific’s Christchurch team, Conor’s experience as a registered electrician gives him the ability to view a site and construction from a different angle.

With a goal to ‘help rather than hinder’ activities on site, Conor’s previous site experience and down to earth personality instils confidence and respect, balancing efficiency with great interpersonal skills.

A strong believer in handing his skills to newer members of the team, Conor’s electrical experience from the other side of the fence is a huge asset to both the wider team and new graduates.

027 207 6465

Recent Projects

Ag Research 

Pacific Commissioning’s role: Building Service Commissioning 

Designed to further agricultural research at Lincoln University in Canterbury, this brand new state of the art building contains teaching spaces, an administration hub and laboratories. Pacific was first engaged on the technical side for the laboratory commissioning, involving stringent scenario testing, including interface testing for gases and room pressures and the effect on the building of equipment and functional shutdowns. Process is king in this environment and Pacific has a wealth of knowledge in working with laboratories across the country, and as the technology and smarts behind them increase, so does the testing and the job of the engineers. 


Pacific Commissioning’s role: 

Putting people at the centre of health care is crucial, and environment plays a critical role in patients recovery. One of the largest investments in New Zealand’s mental health infrastructure in history, Hillmorton Hospital has opened two state-of-the-art mental health facilities. Boasting a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for patients, this facility is a home away from home. Inpatients have their own rooms, with outpatient and whanau spaces. Staff morale has also skyrocketed. Furthermore, in a city that’s undergone more than its share of challenges, the new facility demonstrates in bricks and mortar the resilience of Cantabrians.

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