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Kishan Thilakaratne


Kishan comes to Pacific Commissioning with an impressive background in operations, construction and project management in both Sri Lanka and the Middle East. Building on his Bachelor of Engineering from Malaysia’s Monash University, Kishan also holds a Master of Engineering, specialising in mechanical engineering from AUT.

Kishan’s excellent problem solving skills and hands-on approach makes him a sought after expert on any project site, he excels in understanding how different parts of a building work, from individual systems to the project as a whole.

A strong believer of the importance of planning and project management, Kishan places a focus on reviewing both the process and end result so he can deliver continuous improvement.

Kishan’s blend of practical and planning expertise is a real asset and a makes him a true team player, who loves collaborating and working with a wide range of stakeholders. His international and construction sector experience allows him to excel in harnessing the power of teamwork to achieve the best result.


Recent Projects

Kakariki Hospital Fit-out


Kakariki Hospital is the newest surgical hospital on Marewa Road, Greenlane (opposite to Countdown) and is owned by local surgeons and Healthcare Holdings LTD. It is comprises of 4 operation theatres, 20 post operative recovery and day stay bays, 20 ensuite rooms and CSSD unit with state-of-the-art equipment to cater a vast range of medical needs.

Clearwater construction with Pacific Commissioning worked synergistically to coordinate the installation of building services during the construction phase and lead the commissioning process to success.

Waikeria Prison Project


In the midst of Waikato farmlands, Waikato Prison project is implemented to accommodate 500 inmates and to conduct prisoner rehabilitation and family support asits core values, aiming to diminish reoffending. 

This expansive site comprising 26 buildings redefines the conventional prison operations by including a dedicated mental health and addiction service, sports areas and programmed classes. Prisoners will have access to better whānau and support networks as more offenders from the region will be able to serve their sentence closer to home.

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