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Saba Kalyanasundaram


After graduating from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, Saba’s desire for a career that integrated engineering and project management led him to Pacific Commissioning’s door.

Saba credits his curiosity as being a key strength in his role. As he works on new projects with changing technology and unfamiliar elements, he appreciates learning from the specialised knowledge of others with support from senior members of the Pacific team, while still maintaining independence and personal responsibility to a project.

From working client side as part of the ICA team, to building services commissioning where Saba is working for the contractor, Saba already has an impressive list of projects under his belt. This includes the country’s largest data centre in Westgate, the projects immense power requirements and sophisticated mechanical ventilation system, allowed him to quickly become well versed with the unique challenges and requirements of building data centres.

Working on multiple and varied projects has allowed Saba to learn the industry at a much faster rate than he would in a smaller organisation.


Recent Projects

MS Lightspeed

PC&C provided Commissioning Management services for the main contractor on the recent Project Lightspeed. Project Lightspeed is a special purpose building relying upon a complex mix of mission critical systems. The client had high expectations and the PC&C team delivered, partnering with the main contractor to provide complex integrated systems to an international standard.

Catalina Bay Apartments


Catalina Bay Apartments is an  apartment building  located in West Auckland, offering stunning views of the beautiful hobosonville area. The apartments boast a modern design with breath-taking scenery and a cool ocean breeze. This project signifies the teamwork of Pacific Commissioning and LT McGuinness, also known for their successful projects like 10 Madden St. This partnership deepens the trust and relationship between the two companies, setting a high standard for success and excellence.

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